Change the communication method to RS485 for 250kW inverter

Change the communication method to RS485 for 250kW inverter


The default communication method of 250kW inverter is PLC, if customer wants to use the RS485, it needs to do the below operation to change the communication method.


1.Preparation in advance

1.1  Software and driver installation:
a.    Get the APP installation package from Hopewind service team.
b.    Get the account and password for hopeInsight from Hopewind service team.
c.     Install the required dirvers and hopeInight into laptop, and try to login with account. (You may need to input the verification code, you could also get it from Hopewind service team)。
Note: Required hardware and software:
a.      Laptop (Windows7 or 10)
b.      USB to RS485 cable
c.      hopeInsight for PV
d.      Required Drivers for hopeInsight

2. Login the hopeInsight:

The account should be provided by Hopewind

The software will be updated automatically, wait till it is finished

3. Change the interface to PLC:

1. It will enter the PV string interface as fault.  And please follow the next steps to change hopeInsight to PLC interface
2. Disconnect the USB cable, till the communication failed error comment appeared

3. Re-plug the USB connector to your laptop, wait and it will show the below comment

4.The interface will change to the PLC as below

4. Change the communication rate & device communication method:

1. change the communication Baud rate to 96

2. change the communication method to RS485

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